Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier
Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier
Product Description

Undecylenic Acid as per BP/EP/USP




10-Undecenoic Acid, Hendecenoic acid




C11H20O2. CH2= CH (CH2) 8 COOH

Mol. Wt



99% min by GLC.

Appearance & Color

Colorless to pale yellow liquid or leafy crystals


Variable from oily fruity to sour fatty


275-279 (decomposes).


Not found in Nature. Synthetic Product.

Acid Value


Sp.Gr 25/25

0.91 average (liquid).

Iodine Value


Saponification Value


Congealing Point

23oC to 24oC


Stable when stored properly

Acme Synthetic Chemicals is the Manufacturer, Supplier & also Exporter of Undecylenic Acid as per BP/EP/USP.

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier is also known as 10- Undecenoic Acid , Hendecenoic Acid which is classified under CAS No. 112-38-9 

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier,10-Undecenoic acid, Hendecenoic acid ( CAS No.112-38-9) is produced by cracking of castor oil under pressure. 

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier ( CAS No.112-38-9) is a very versatile raw-material. 

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No.112-38-9) is used in the manufacture of synthetic nylons,"Nylon-11" which is an important engineering polymer. 

Several perfumery bases can be prepared from Undecylenic Acid ,10-Undecenoic Acid, Hendecenoic Acid (CAS No.112-38-9) & its derivatives. 

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No.112-38-9) has a fatty - fruity rosy note & therefore used in traces in Jasmine, rose & other floral bouquets, although to a limited extent. 

The following perfumery chemicals can be prepared from Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier, 10-Undecenoic acid,Hendecenoic acid (CAS No.112-38-9) & its derivatives. (Methyl undecylenate, Ethyl undecylenate, Allyl undecylenate, Undecylenic aldehyde, Undecylenic alcohol, Undecalactone) (Aldehyde C-14).

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No.112-38-9) is the starting material for other important aroma chemicals such as pelorgonic acid and esters, several Macrocylic Musks such as Ethylene Brassylate (Musk T) exaltone, exaltolide, Musk RI, Cevolide etc. 

A variety of compounds useful as bactericides, fungicides & insect sprays are produced from Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No.112-38-9).

Many pharmaceutical formulations use mixtures of Undecylenic Acid & its Zinc/ Calcium Salts as  active ingredients for their anti-fungal properties in remedies for fungal skin infections such as athelete's foot, ringworm etc. 

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No.112-38-9) is also used in the synthesis of insect pheromones.

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No.112-38-9) and its zinc soaps are used as fungicides in medicine and agriculture. 

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier ( CAS No.112-38-9) is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and perfumery, including anti-dandruff shampoos, antimicrobial powders and as a musk in perfumes and aromas.

Acme's current capacity for Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No.112-38-9) is 1200 tons per annum.

Acme can offer Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No.112-38-9) in drums / FCL Lots and ISO Tanks. 

Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No. 112-38-9) is packed in 210 kg HMHDPE ( plastic ) drums.

Each FCL can take 80 drums of Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No.112-38-9).

An ISO tank can take between 18 to 20 tons of Undecylenic Acid - Emulsifier (CAS No.112-38-9).

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